Saturday, January 30, 2010

The whole K-Stew thing

Ok so I'm gonna address this thing once and for all.

the are they/aren't they dating thing : really if they are good for them! Unlike most of the other LA girls kstew has a brain and is good for him IMHO .....Besides it's really not anybody's business as far as I can tell....

Unlike the majority of the Rob fans( well so it seems to me anyway) I am actually a HUGE KSTEW fan ....Im looking forward to seeing 'Welcome to the Riley's' and The Runaways.I f you're still in doubt as to this youngster's phenonemal talent check out Adventureland. She is amazing.And already generating Oscar buzz for 'Welcome to the Riley's' ..........FINGERS CROSSED FOR HER :)


  1. Good for you Lisa - I totally agree, I love Kristen too and think her and Rob make an awesome couple if that's the case. She's an intelligent woman, a promising actress and she does her own thing, she doesn't feel the need to present a false image to the media. KSTEW LOVE! <3 xx