Friday, February 12, 2010

More 'Details' pics

Once again thanks to RPLife :)

Rob 'Detail's ' shoot

Literally just released ......i'll be adding this to the collection :) Thanks to RPLife

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Brand spankin new ROB-PORN

So every Rob fan worth their salt knows about the photoshoot Rob recently did for the cover of 'Details' magazine.there have been many rumors about this shoot, including that RP is posing with naked girls.....I have been told that all thee pics are done in an 'artful tasteful' way and that Rob is fully clothed in every one (dammit!!) , and is totally channcelling the '4os movie star look ......after much twitter debate tonight where some were saying it's a manip some not .....I have had it confirmed off 5 different sites (including the most noteable Rob fan site ROBSESSED ) that this piece of GOLD is the first out-take from the shoot.

Anyway you know the like? Right Click and save as Rob-porn .....then go and put a new pair of panties on......cos we all know that after seeing that pic....the old ones are destroyed :)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

The whole K-Stew thing

Ok so I'm gonna address this thing once and for all.

the are they/aren't they dating thing : really if they are good for them! Unlike most of the other LA girls kstew has a brain and is good for him IMHO .....Besides it's really not anybody's business as far as I can tell....

Unlike the majority of the Rob fans( well so it seems to me anyway) I am actually a HUGE KSTEW fan ....Im looking forward to seeing 'Welcome to the Riley's' and The Runaways.I f you're still in doubt as to this youngster's phenonemal talent check out Adventureland. She is amazing.And already generating Oscar buzz for 'Welcome to the Riley's' ..........FINGERS CROSSED FOR HER :)