Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My claim to fame

L-R Michelle,Ness,Cass,Lisa T,and Me

Us girls with Darren one of the owners of GFTG

k first off sorry peeps havent round much hasnt been much to report till now!! First off I had an intereview with some other twi mums from ATMs with womans day recently about our twi-obsession...and all things going to plan we'll be in the issue released on september 7. YAY. The interview day was great......It all started with a road tripThe interviewer Katherine was phenonemal, and is english too....lucky shes not male lol.....I seriously have a thing for funny english guys lol.......anyway onto other stuff. We had a sensational photographer Gina Milicia, who has photographed so many people, and she is just the best!! Also found out she's photographed Lisa McCune who is distantly related to me!!Gina is truly magnificent! We also had an AMAZING makeup artist/hairstylist, whom for the life of me I can't remember his name, be him for telling me if Aimee is 14 then I must only be about 12! hehe You are AWESOME mate! I'm making it my mission to find out his name :) We had it down at Gifts For the Geek ( I'll do another blog about them in a sec!) and was awesome to see Darren (one of the owners)again,He is my Karaoke Bitch! We all went out for lunch with him afterwards....was hilarious how he walked thru the main part of geelong with no shoes on.....

Was a great day all up and can't wait to do it again!!

With much roblove

AKA Robrator xoxoxoxo

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