Saturday, June 20, 2009

'Bedtime Stories' Video

This is a fan made video that I found when surfing the net.....I think it's really well made and kudos to whoever did it!! ( if you know who it is tell me and I'll credit).

*edited to add* well done to Betti.Music.twilight. who made this WONDERFUL vid...lov eit babe, you are a true talent.


  1. Oh my dear didye not watch the end credits???
    all dazzled by the naked Edward you didna I guess. :-)

    Glad you like it though.
    Yeah I would appreciate some credits.
    There's also a story to it:

  2. HAHA Awesome!!!! And the credits are at the end silly :P

  3. thanks betti....its a great vid well done :)

  4. and yep it was all the nekkid rob it truly dazzled me lmao